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(24x36) Oil on stretched canvas titled Palooza is another one of Geneva Clark’s magical and whimsically delightful pieces. The bold colors and almost playful brush strokes make this painting not only very interesting to look at but also provide a light and airy feel to any room in which it may find itself.  Palooza would certainly go well in a kitchen or dining area but because of it’s detail, subject , and color contrast it would be a conversation piece anywhere in your home.


Geneva’s use of color contrast between dark and light keeps your eyes wandering all over the piece. She has a blending technique that makes certain areas of the piece seem a bit blurry, for example parts of her background. Then contrast that with the items she has selected for almost crystal clarity like the metal work near the glass of wine or the top of the bottle itself.   


There is so much going on in this piece it’s difficult to point to one aspect of the painting and say that it is a favorite.  The components of subject, tone, contrast, clarity, obscurity and hue all blend seamlessly into one amazing painting. 

Palooza is certainly one of my favorites from this very talented artist!!