La Masquerade- Ice Cream

La Masquerade- Ice Cream

Geneva Clark

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La Masquerade- Ice Cream is an original 16"x20" oil by Geneva Clark. This is another delightful whimsical piece in the style that is uniquely Geneva Clark. This woman, masked, hides her true identity and intention. This work makes me think of wandering the French Quarter in New Orleans where many leave their true self to take on a persona of freedom to become someone completely different if only for a day.


I love how Geneva completely blacks out this girls eyes. She is deep in disguise and there is little to no evidence of her true self.  Her dress reminds me of a corset wore by the ladies of the Middle Ages. Note the large emerald that sits at the top middle of the girls mask.  The emerald is said to be the stone of successful love while nurturing the heart and bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. It’s clear to me this girl knows exactly what she is doing despite the necessity to hide her outer (public) self.


Now to put aside all the artistic analysis and in depth study of this work, note the playfulness of the subjects arms which appear to be large ice cream cones. This work is a contradiction in tone and meaning. Geneva has taken the seriousness of hiding or masking one's identity and then turned the entire concept on its head with ice cream.  It’s brilliant!!!