BETTE DAVIS Premium Canvas Gallery Wrap

The Art Vibe

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30"X40" W/ 1-1/4 " Red Border 

Top Quality canvas wrapped and ready to hang! 

By Wayne Edelen / Artist from New Orleans

Wayne Edelen



Wayne Edelen, an incredibly talented artist from New Orleans, LA and Director of Education for The Art Vibe.  His works have been featured in the Lisa Victoria Gallery located in the heart of the French Quarter.  Wayne has a unique style all to his own.  If you ever have the opportunity to see his works up close you will understand why.  The colors and details that he captures in his paintings are rich and full of life.  You will find yourself taking a step back in time as you follow along his path with each masterpiece he creates.  From roaming the streets of haunting lure to riding a carriage along Bourbon.  
Mr. Edelen spent the majority of his life dedicated to serving his country.  He still works for the military in the public sector.  His strong opinions and passionate answers will leave you even more intrigued if you ever have the honor of making his acquaintance.  As he is nearing yet another retirement, he makes more time for his love of art and developing his already impressive works.  Stay tuned as he begins to share some of his art and perhaps a video or two.  You won't be disappointed and by all means buy a painting or a print!