Geneva Clark

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(3’x4.5’) Oil on stretched canvas titled Angel.  This magnificent piece by Geneva Clark is edgy in its subject and design. Angel is not only bold in its color and subject but will certainly illicit strong feelings, emotions, and least of all an endless discussion.

Notice how Geneva turned our Angel’s wings from a cool blue green to a fiery orange and red.  This is just the first example of the dichotomy of this piece. The eagle has our angel in his grasp and she seems interested with a coy turn of her cheek or is she ambivalent his advances?  Her hand print in the upper right side of the painting is equally quizzical.  Is she telling us … there is nothing to see here, move along?  That open palm gesture alone is enough belie her true intentions! 

 There is no shortage of conceptual content discussion or interpretation with the amazing work by Geneva Clark.