Indigo Dreams


photograph by: Ionut Caras
There are many causes out there that have created an incredible impact on the quality of life of others.  There are many things that happened to me in my life that did the same.  Things I will never forget and will forever be grateful for.  I have always thought that at some point I would find a way to do something to inspire children.  This is a work in progress, but the goal here with Indigo Dreams is to make a difference in the mind of a child.  To give them hope that they can do anything they set their minds to.  No matter where they came from or what they are going through.  Art is a magical gift.  It gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in ways we might not ever do otherwise.  It is a way to share your heart and spirit, it is the essence of free thought and connecting with something bigger than yourself.  I hope that in the months and years to come this thought here, will take wings.  A dream for a dream.  Here is to the future.  
Geneva Clark
The Art Vibe