Thick as butter

It really is just like butter!  Vincent Van Gogh used a brush stroke style called impasto. He laid paint on his canvas so thick that you could clearly see the individual brush strokes. It’s said that because of his heavy layering of paint his subject became more beautiful as it lost its sense of realism.


Most artist, especially newer artists, are reluctant to use a heavy loaded paint brush.  The close up view clearly shows Van Gogh’s manipulation of paint. And you have to admit the blending and definition are far less than you expect from a Master. But step back and you see the beauty of the whole.

The point here is; a cloud doesn’t necessarily have to look exactly like a cloud to look as beautiful as a cloud.





  • That’s an excellent point. I think paint was expensive and I too think Vincent lived a very austere life style. I think is was maybe an example of his boldness in style of painting. Cost be damn kind of thing. :)

  • I like the conceptual here. I wonder how he aquired his paint and if it was concidered careless to use so much of it? Was it expensive? Who knows. My thoughts of Vincent seem to lean towards a man that lived a very modest life. It made me wonder… “Thick as Butter”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Wayne Edelen. And I agree, a cloud does not have to be a cloud to be as beautiful.


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