The madam, mute, tomboy and bombshell


A critical analysis of the modern marketplace of sex

Our madam, Lulu, in this series was a well-known, at least locally, vendor of the world’s oldest profession. She was outside the law and therefore looked upon by some with a fair amount of consternation. Yet, she was successful because there will always be a buyer.


The mute of our series is Maude, not really a mute. I call her that because she was a silent screen actress. She had no voice and those that admired and loved her did so by just her looks alone. She was a very pretty woman and had a significant following. Her appeal was her beauty.


The tomboy…  Bette, was adorable in look and actions. The movie goer loved her for her brash attitude and cute face when she was younger.  


The bombshell… was just that.  A beauty that comes along only occasionally. She was sexy, gorgeous, tempting, and delightful.


Unlike the first woman the last three were sold to an adoring public but the business was the same. The selling of sex and sexuality.  All four woman were successful but the last three were the item of purchase where the first woman in my series was the seller.  The last three go down in history as beloved where the first is known for her notoriety.


Is the disparity of opinion because our Madam was a woman participating in a male dominated, male oriented, male centered business?  Oh sure you can argue all day long that there is a difference between what Lulu did and the work of the three actresses. But is there really – from a business standpoint?  It is the selling of the beautiful. Would Ms. Monroe be as famous then and now if she looked like Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Perhaps if she had the mind of Ruth… but then there are very few people who can claim that distinction.

No, I say as will most who are honest with themselves, sex sells. And it sell big!


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