The HOPE Outdoor Gallery

If you ever find yourself in Austin, TX with a little time on your hands and perhaps an inkling to get creative??  I highly suggest taking a gander at the The Hope Outdoor Gallery on 1101 Baylor St!  (11th & Baylor)


What an exhilarating experience!  You might see a couple taking photos for their wedding, or young children accompanied by their parents painting along the edges, or daring hike climbs to make a statement about love, politics, or life in general.  What ever the platform at that particular day or moment, it will give you a sense of freedom and pride.  There are so many levels of opportunity and the levels of talent are equal to challenge.


An absolute must see for those that love and appreciate the ebbs and flows of art and the changing is almost daily!  It kinda took me back to the old days of high school, painting on old bridges in the back roads of a small town or two.  Long since covered and certainly not approved by the pillars of our community.  This park give you a free pass to grab some cans of paint, a little ingenuity, and get right to it!

I'm telling on myself here... but I brought my grandchildren.  They were mesmerized by all of the vivid colors.  And were thrilled to have a photo taken by their name, which was kindly painted on by their Auntie.  Special times indeed!  Check it out!  Here is a link to their website in the event you would like to know more.  The Hope Outdoor Gallery  and by all means visit our online gallery!  The Art Vibe  We would love to see you!



By: Geneva Clark/ Founder of The Art Vibe

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