Street Car

When I'm working, on a new painting, I like to provide updates on the status of the project. This piece is going to be called Street Car on St. Charles. It's an oil painting on stretched canvas (18"x 24"). If you've ever been down St. Charles Street in New Orleans, you may recognize the scenery. scsc I started this painting yesterday and my progress has been more rapid than I expected.I still have much to do with this piece but I am nearing a "signing". When I selected this subject, my intention was to produce an impressionistic view of the street car rumbling down St. Charles. The picture below shows my progress.  I was struck by the lighting in this scene where it seemed the fall yellow foliage of the trees were almost glowing. As I put the subject together I wanted that hazy blurry look you might scsc expect in a Monet. And so that was my intent and direction.  Somewhere along the way I lost the amber glow of the painting as you can see in the painting update 4, lower left. So I worked on  the feeling of the painting.  Remember a painting's feeling, I believe, comes primarily from the lighting. I think I lost my impressionistic view as well. And it's entirely possible I won't get that in this work. Sometimes our own style finds its way into our work. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it is the one aspect of this painting that I'm working on to attain a specific look. Oh... there is something I must confess.  In the scene, on that corner of New Orleans, (at this time) there are no red leaves.... mostly green and some yellow. I put the red foliage in because I thought it would provide a nice contrast to yellow. That's what we call ... artist license! I still want to darken the lower part of the painting and up and down the left side. I think this will make the center, the lighted portion of the brightest leaves bust through and steal the focus of the painting.  The last empty box in the picture above is for the signed work.  I will provide an update here at The Art Vibe when I've finished! Soon ya, when I'm done. Thanks, Wayne

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