Spot Light on a Master

Spot Light on a Master We know of Rembrandt by his first name - like Cher or Madonna. His name was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and he is generally considered, by many, as one of the greatest artists in the history of art. Born in 1606, this Dutch artist entranced the viewer with subject, theme, and lighting. 723px-rembrandt_-_the_philosopher_in_meditation His painting “The Philosopher in Meditation” provides a classic example of the power of mood and setting with a single main light source.  Doesn’t it seem cold inside the house? unnamed “The Stone Bridge” gives us another example of his very distinctive style. Note how the sunlight strikes the group of trees in the center of this work. This simple style affect pulls the viewers eyes to the center of the painting and as you scan around the work your eyes seem to be involuntarily drawn back to the center light source. rembrandt_-_jeremiah_lamenting Finally, “Jeremiah Lamenting” almost dares you to look away from the main figure and his valuables. Look around this painting and you will find your eyes will always return to Jeremiah himself. Rembrandt’s use of light is genius in that he doesn’t blanket his work in it but rather selectively places it to establish a feeling, affect, and mood. For any new or experienced artist… do not be afraid of the dark… as long as you have a light to guide you.   Wayne

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