Preservation Hall

New Orleans, it is said, is the birthplace of Jazz. I love Jazz … whether it’s the upbeat Dixieland style or smooth and cool. There are hundreds of venues to listen to music in the city but one place that is on everyone’s top ten list is - Preservation Hall. I love painting conceptual thoughts, ideas, feelings and settings of New Orleans. It seemed fitting to me that I should paint a Jazz band playing in the Hall. Music seems to be a common thread connecting people to events, festivals, food, parades, and the city as a whole. 

I wanted to paint a scene that showed the musicians in mid set. I also think artists in general have so much respect for musicians because they are kindred spirits. This band has the traditional clarinet, sax, trombone, and tuba.  But notice the banjo and accordion in the mix. These two instruments gave the band a Cajun country feel.

Preservation Hall has a warm intimate feeling where people can sit on pillows on the floor at the feet of the band. I tried to convey that comfortable close feeling in this painting. I loved how much of the lighting on the stage came from the windows behind the musicians.

I titled this painting as one might expect: Preservation Hall.


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