Marilyn Monroe is simply beautiful.  Most people over the age of 12 know of her as a legend of Hollywood.  I don’t think she was the best actress of her time or anytime for that matter.  So why is her fame so universal? I like to think it’s because she retained a sense of innocence in the public eye. Such a pretty girl living and working among sharks and jackals. Marilyn’s time was before mine so my knowledge of her is limited to old movies and of course everyone’s knowledge of her death.


There are so many images of Marilyn an artist can paint but I choose this one for several reasons. First, in my mind, Marilyn lived in a black and white world. I know that must sound strange but that’s how I see her in my mind.  Second, her pose is not one of sexy glamor girl but rather pure beauty and class. Finally the image, I think, provides a sense of the pretty girl who lives next door, heading out into the world completely unaware of the dangers that await her.



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