Four woman, each beautiful in their own way.  Four styles of art, four representations each uniquely different and painted by four masters of their craft. 4_large From left to right we see Aurora and Cephalous painted by Pierre Narcisse Guerin in 1810. This is an example of a Neoclassicism painting. Aurora’s face is almost porcelain in nature.  Her lips, nose and eyes are in perfect symmetry and proportion. Then there is our girl from … A Bar at the Folies-Bergere by Edouard Manet in 1882.  She is beautiful, but notice the blotchiness of her skin. Her nose seems larger than you might expect and her hair style could certainly be improved. But then Manet painted her as she was. It’s an interesting mix of viewpoints; beautiful but flawed, blurry but focused, and realistic but impressionistic. It should be noted that the “Art World” hated this style of painting when it first emerged. The Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso 1937 transcends Neoclassical and impressionism with a view that is unexpected and wildly untamed. But one is able to see a sense of order and directness in his work. Picasso and his peers were un-afraid to paint a setting that broke every single traditional rule. Realistic oil painting by Fabiano Millani Current.  Fabiano’s control of color, tone, hue, and chroma, make this woman appear as if she is actually in front of us. His mastery at brush stroke makes our eyes see her skin as… real. I am amazed by each of these styles and their strengths and beauty in representing the human female form. I wonder what the next significant style or period break through will be and who will lead this movement.  Is it you?   Wayne Edelen

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